All God Ever Wanted

Written by Anita Kelly Couch

On September 1, 2021

All He ever wanted was to be with you. How He has waited in expectancy for you to accept His proposal – to become the Beloved Bride of His Son, so that together you would reign in His eternal kingdom. Evil entered Paradise incognito and seduced the hearts of the original two. Tragically, instead of reigning as a king and queen, they became prisoners to the Kingdom of Darkness as did all those born after them. And heaven waited.

God’s heart was broken. No expense would be spared. No price was too high to win you back. At the appointed time, the King renounced His throne, clothed Himself as a beggar, and entered the Kingdom of Darkness to rescue you out of the death grip of the Enemy. The King, after being openly shamed and tortured for you, He died. “By fairest blood, it was undone.” His own, precious blood was offered as a ransom for you.

His blood spilt out…for you and for me,
so that His love could be poured out over us
and be with us
and in us once again.

Three days later, he burst from the grave alive, victorious over sin, death and the Evil One. Despite the betrayal, the resurrected King offers you full pardon and restoration, not only in His Kingdom, but in His heart.

He has physically left you now, but promised to return for the Wedding Celebration! How He longed for you to be where He is! (Jn. 14:3) He sent His Spirit to comfort and give you strength, so that you would never have to be alone. He has written letters to remind you of His undying love and faithful promises to return for you. His hope is that you, His Bride-elect will remain in His love during His absence.

Yet He knows you are illiterate in the ways of the Kingdom. Before He left, the King stunningly graced you with His own authority to enforce the triumph over Evil in His absence. You are more than a conqueror, yet you need to learn to enforce the authority He has granted to you. The throne cannot be ultimately entrusted to you until you are trained to reign!

Even though you will continually encounter great adversity in this chapter of your Story and the Enemy will not relent in sending discouragement, disappointment, and a sense of despair, all you endure now for His sake will qualify you for majesty – the intense sorrow and suffering, the mocking accusation and deception, even the inconveniences and disappointments of life. The King is even now transforming it all to ultimately equip you for your glorious, irreplaceable role in the future Kingdom.

So, hold on, daughter. Pick up that sword of yours. You are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ who loves you! By His divine power, He has granted to you everything you need to stand. (2 Peter 1:3) Your amazing God is in you. He is for you and He is with you! Your victory is assured. Lift up your head, beloved.

The end of your story is more splendid than you could ever imagine.

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