There is power in a good story.

Andrew Peterson once said, “If you want someone to hear the truth, just tell them the truth, but if you want someone to love the truth, you must tell them a story.” No wonder Jesus told so many stories! Stories can help us experience the truth in deep and meaningful ways even though they are fictional.

Through the Ever After Encounter, Anita Kelly Couch uses stories we loved as children to illustrate breathtaking aspects of the gospel, the greatest story ever told! In these difficult times, our hearts desperately need to be reawakened to awe and wonder at the beauty of Jesus and the Story we were made for.

What is an Ever After Encounter?

An Ever After Encounter isn’t another ordinary women’s conference; it is an experience! An Encounter includes unique multimedia teaching sessions, small group discussions, and meaningful times of worship and reflection. Snacks and meals are provided. Women ages 14 and up are invited.

This is just for you.

The goal of the Ever After Encounter is to awaken your heart to the goodness of God and to the wonder of your royal identity available in Christ.

We want to equip you to realign your understanding of the Gospel to its original intent — a divine romance!

We desire to encourage you to confront and dismantle any obstacles hindering a greater experience of God’s love and freedom.

We hope to empower you to discover and serve God’s unique purpose for you in your own generation.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“I hit the lowest of lows in the past couple of months. I prayed God would show me how to overcome Satan’s lies and was invited to this last minute. I had no expectations and was blown away by this. You were my answered prayer. Thank. You. Jesus!”

– Teresa Kujawa

“This was the most amazing experience in years. I am closer to freedom than I’ve ever been!”

– Kim Martier

“Anita takes the metaphor of fairy tales and gently escorts you into the gospel so that it can be experienced at the heart level.”

– Dr. Angel C.Weaver, Ph.D., LPC/S

“Anita so eloquently told the story that God has been singing over me these past fifteen years. It was truly breathtaking. I know it is God’s Story but God has prepared her and her immense labor brought forth such an incredibly clear and well-told truth!”

– April Moffatt

“You will not be disappointed by making the decision to attend the Ever After Encounter. God’s Grand’s Story is for you personally today and forever after!”

– Cathy Hamilton

“Anita is an extraordinary teacher. Her message of hope and healing speaks to the little girl in all of us. We are each a daughter of THE KING!”

– Cathy McGrew

“To know ABOUT the love of God is one thing, but to truly experience God’s undying devotion to His chosen bride is a whole new thing. This event was a manifest experience of the love of God and I would recommend this to any woman—especially early 20s as she is learning who she is!”

– Grace Moffatt

“Ever After, in the form of a story, has a way of getting past the dragons of our hearts with a very important message—the fairytale is real! The Gospel—the Good Story—is real! In a world where our hearts and minds are so often divided, Anita speaks to the gap in between and reminds us—Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted!

– Emma Maze

“Through the Ever After Encounter, Anita helped me to see how dangerous it was to listen to my inner voice and the lies Satan tells me and instead, learn how to hear the truth that God wants me to hear! I heard how Jesus loves each one of us unconditionally and how He has proven it through what He has done!”

– Renee

“MIND BLOWN! Anita took fairy tales that we all grew up on and showed us how it is like God’s Story for us. Jesus used His message through Anita to show me how greatly I am loved. It was a mic dropper!”

– Lynette Kelley

“Anita’s teaching goes straight to the heart to what is really going on. Ever After shows you how to build up your relationship with the Father the right way. If people truly listen to the words God speaks to their hearts, this will change your life!”

– Charlotte, age 15

“Ever After took away the pressure I’ve always felt to prove myself to everyone—to be the best student, go to the best college, get a great job or make the most money. I just knew that is not who I need to be anymore. Ever After showed me I am His and I am chosen by Him to love Him.  ”

– Erica Sansone

“What a privilege to have had a front row seat in watching how God has directed Anita to create the Ever After Encounter. Anita shares from her heart, what she has personally experienced in her journey of freedom. Anita’s message brings a fresh look at our relationship with God and His deep abiding love for us”

– Anne Marie Ezzo, GFI International

Anita Kelly Couch

Hi! I’m Anita. I’m a Bible teacher and the creator of Ever After.

I’m passionate for women everywhere to awaken to awe and wonder — the awe of the magnificent goodness of God and the wonder of all He did so we could be His!

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Want to host an Ever After Encounter?

The Ever After Encounter can take place over the course of two days or even a weekend retreat. We’ll work with you to provide you with an experience that truly blesses the women in your community. Let us know you’re interested in bringing an Encounter to you!

We’re honored to partner with Doors to Freedom, a nonprofit providing a safe place for victims of human trafficking.

We embarked on this exciting journey together with the desire to give back and make a difference. We want to offer you the chance to be a part of something truly great.

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